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A gentle facial cleanser inspired by natural flowers designed specifically for sensitive skin, free from all kinds of SLS and Sulfate substances. 100% moisturizing and softening of the facial skin, helping the skin to feel fresh and light from the first time usage with special ingredients that will impress you.

Aminta brand bring up to 3 types of flowers, each of which provides different qualification to promote healthy skin. Together, we're going to have powerful results in rejuvenating bright face.

Significantly reduces acne, gentle recipe helps restore skin shields, make skin stronger, come back smooth, moisturized, clean and healthy.

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390.00 บาท

Special Features: 

1. Deep clean, oil control without drying the skin. Gentle formula to keep skin clean, smooth and moisturized 

2. Maintain natural skin balance at the right level for sensitive and acne-prone skin. 

3. High tenderness. It is good for sensitive skin and acne. 

4. Reduce dark spots, redness from acne, brighten skin, smooth skin. Helps tighten pores 

5. Prevent new acne, reduce acne clogging. It also helps to reduce acne problems.

6 FREE Formula : free from 6 irritant substances

  1. Oil Free
  2. Paraben Free (No Paraben)
  3. Artificial Color Free (Colorless)
  4. Soap Free (No Soap)
  5. Alcohol Free
  6. Sulfate Free (no foaming substance)

FDA No. :  10-1-6100062641

 Size 50 ml. 

It has a unique mix of wonderful ingredients.  Yellow flowers extract combines 3 types of yellow flowers

- Calendula ExtractAt

world-class dermatologists laboratories, calendula extract is used to treat skin rejuvenation. Calendula Extract is a traditional Chinese medicine. It has been used as a skin care herb since ancient times. Botanical pharmacological studies suggest that this extract has powerful detoxification and antibacterial properties, an important extract that causes old acne to dry out quickly. New acne does not rise and also helps to suppress acne-causing bacteria.

- Cassia Fistula Extract

Cassia Fistula is Thailand national flower that bloom once a year. Its extract was developed to penetrate deeper into our skin’s layers than any of the conventional creams. It’s rich of Bioflavonoids, Fistulin, Triterpenes, which are important substances that help fight against ANTI-OXIDANT. Additionally, Cassia Fistula extract also stimulate collagen fiber production, lift the skin as an Antiaging.

- Cassia Siamea Extract

As we get older, that number of natural Hyaluron that were present in the skin will be decreased, forming deep furrows on our faces. Cassia Siamea extract contains Phenolic that would stimulate the production of hyaluron protein which helps in retaining moisture on the skin. Making the skin looks plump and firm. In addition, it helps filling wrinkles without the need of filler injections.

1.Shake the bottle 2-3 times before usage. 

2. Press out 2-3 facial foam pumps and massage them thoroughly. At this stage, it is nourishing the skin. 

3. After that, rinse with clean water. 

**This facial gel does not contain foaming agents, which are chemicals that damage the skin, causing the skin to dry out, but foaming from the pump head automatically.

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