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Reduce hair loss, see results within 1-2 weeks

Concentrated formula to reduce hair loss, strengthen hair rootsMore than 6 organic herbal extracts were invented by the Center of Health Product Research and Development from Faculty of PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES, Khon Kaen University.6 essential extracts that enhance circulation stimulation Therefore, the bulbs of the hair roots are more nutrient-rich and thickening the hair, and the overall hair health is even better. 

Aminta shampoo helps to cleanse gently. Valid for even those who have passed chemotherapy. Reduces hair loss.  It also helps keeping the hair and head clean for a long time, accelerates long hair.  Hair is soft, smooth, does not tangle with the value of black rice extract, bai mi extract. Henna Extract, Bergamot Extract, Ginger Extract for good scalp health for healthy hair roots 

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200.00 กรัม
690.00 บาท

Made from valuable extracts from authentic natural herbs, which are effective.

  • to help reduce hair loss, stimulate hair rebirth. Troubleshoot on-the-spot
  • nourishes hair roots, reduces itching of the scalp and dandruff. When used regularly and continuously.
  • helps to balance the scalp, reduce oil on the scalp, reduce itching of the scalp.
  • the hair is soft, shiny, weightless, not fluffy.
  • accelerates hair length, reduces hair loss problems.
  • stimulate dark hair color, slow down gray hair

What type of hair is suitable for Aminta shampoo 

- Straight hair - Curly hair - Slide hair - Dry Hair - Oily Hair - Hair Coloring

FDA No. 10-1-6200032292 

SIZE  200  ml.

Main Ingredients of Aminta Shampoo


To prevent hair loss, especially with a formula to nourish the hair and scalp to the fullest. Contains rice extracts that enhance dark, shiny, slow down premature gray hair and help smooth hair naturally.

  • Ginger Extract

In ginger essential oils, melthol is used to neutralize colic. Vascular Dilation If we apply it to the hair and scalp, it will help the capillaries to expand, blood to feed the roots of the hair well, reduce oil and stimulate hair growth as well.

  • Henna Extract

Miracle Plant which is The legend of egyptian queens formulaHenna is a natural dye made from the leaves of henna trees. Concealed white hair for thousands of years., Henna's leaves contain lawone molecules, which are used as hair dyes.

  • Bai Mi ExtractThe

leaves contain carbohydrates that can inflate into mucus in water and can be used to purify dirt. And there are also essential oils, which can inhibit the growth of microorganisms. This causes hair root cells to grow well. Properties of hair cleansingAnd nourishing the hair root cells causes hair to remedy.

  • Kaffir Lime Extract

Has antimicrobial effects. Fungal growth that is the cause of dandruff and head itching. Citric acid in kaffir lime water also helps to reduce residues on the hair. Cleanses and helps keep hair flakes closed in layers. The hair is smooth, easy to comb, and also helps to keep the hair shiny and moisturized. It is not broken and is not brittle, easily broken.

  • Butterfly Pea Extract 

Butterfly Pea flowers can be used to treat hair loss, nourish hair to be strong. This causes more blood to feed the roots of the hair. It helps to reduce hair loss, accelerate hair length, nourish hair to be shiny.

Alcohol-free SLS, PARABEN, No Color Additives

1. Rinse your hair and scalp thoroughly for at least 15 seconds.

2. Shake the shampoo bottle twice, 

3. pour only 1 coin of shampoo, equal to a five baht coin on the palm, rub your hands to foam,

4. massage the scalp thoroughly with your fingertips. Rinse thoroughly with normal temperature water for at least 30 seconds 

** and should be used regularly and continuously together with hair tip conditioner to effectively reduce hair loss.


- In case the scalp is very strong. If you want to repeat the pool, you can shampoo again.

- Avoid washing hair and scalp with warm water.

- For better results, refrain from blowing hot air at the scalp area.

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