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Nourish your hair and scalp to the fullest.

It contains natural extracts that enhance dark, shiny, slow down premature gray hair and help smooth hair naturally.

Easy styling, free from chemicals harmful to hair and scalp health, you have hair and scalp problems.

Specifically to prevent hair loss, invented by a research center from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Khon Kaen University,

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200.00 กรัม
690.00 บาท

• Hair Loss Solution

• slow down premature gray hair

• stimulate hair germination

• Helps to keep hair strong. Reduces hairline cracking

• nourishes the hair to be soft and weighty. Naturally easy stying

• hair is soft, tangled, weighty, easy to style. Cure dry hair, remedy the crack ends.

• free from harmful chemicals. Available for both children and adults.

Who is it for??

- People with dry hair Pointing fuzzy, the ends of the hair are tangled.

- Those who have oily hair can't use general conditioner.

- Those with hair loss, thinning hair, itching of the head, want to find a conditioner that is safe for hair and scalp.

FDA No. : 10-1-62000325580 

SIZE : 200 ML.

green technology formulations combine values from 

  • black rice extract, which is rich in vitamins, proteins, calcium and iron, 

which are important natural nutrients of the hair, 

  • anthocyanin 

has the properties to diminutive blood vessels, thus stimulating the circulation of blood vessels on the scalp. This results in strong hair roots, reducing hair loss.

1. Use hair conditioner after shampoo regularly. 

2. After washing your hair, massage the conditioner to the middle area of the hair til the ends of the hair, leave for a few minutes 

3. and rinse with water.For good performance

* * only be used in conjunction with Aminta shampoo.

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