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Aminta Hair Booster Serum Hair & Scalp Care (No Rinsing Required)

Stimulates hair to grow stronger again.

Guaranteed with the main ingredients from safflower extract. The formula was researched by a researcher at Khon Kaen University who is nationally renowned. It has been found that safflower has antioxidant and enzyme inhibitory effects which cause hair loss, baldness.  This research has already been registered Thailand patent. The research clearly confirms that the hair can be actually regenerated without any chemicals, so you can be reassured within a few months, rehabilitaitating hair problems from nature 100%.

National Outstanding Herbal Product Award 2021

*Certified by Faculty of Pharmacy, Khon Kaen University 

*Certified by the Food and Drug Administration 

*100% satisfaction on quality and safet

Post-use results: 

  • 1 week Hair loss begins to decrease markedly. You can see that the hair loss is less than normal.
  • 2-4 weeks Hair roots are stronger. Therefore, hair loss is constantly reduced and the hair is starting to grow softer in the area where the product is used.
  • 8 weeks The amount of hair begins to thicken. Hair mites that come up are stronger. Darker
  • 12 weeks This can stop up to 95% of hair loss.More hair thickness can be seen.  In addition, existing hair is stronger.

*Results may change depending on individual factors.

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1. Open the hair root cavity to make the hair growth. Measure hair density 3 times more than before

2. Nourish your hair roots with concentrated extracts from safflower.

3. Stimulates hair rebirth and growth, nourishes the scalp.

4. Restore the hair cycle to be strong, not fall out easily, and can be used by both men and women.

5. Reduce inflammation in the scalp

Storage Method :

Store in a closed container away from light at temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius.

Packaging Characteristics :

Spray bottle - for spraying or spraying locally, white bottle, silver spray nozzle.Product Characteristics - Clear water, yellowish from safflower extract, no flavoring.

Caution   :

Aminta Hair Serum is an external product. Do not eat. Do not use in children under 3 years of age.Products in people with allergies and pregnant women are prohibited

FDA Number : 40-1-6300001998

SIZE :  50 ML.

Why use Aminta Hair Booster Serum

1. Research confirms quality Rejuvenate hair cycle Reduces fallout, stimulates rebirthThe main ingredient is safflower extract, containing cartamin. Saffolmin, Safflorello, Tinktormine, spogenine and luteolin, which have hair nourishing properties. Strengthens hair root cells, nourishes the scalp, slows down hair loss, strengthens hair growth and does not cause allergies.Experiments have shown that the growth of the hair glands is equivalent to nonsidil.Compared to non-use, it was found to cause hair glands. Increase by 3x when using Aminta Hair Serum

2. Standard has been secondaryAminta Hair Serum, a hair and scalp care product, has the correct safety standards that are properly approved by the Food and Drug Administration. 40-1-6300001998

3. Ingredients focus on natural plant extracts.Such as lotus leaf extract. Accelerates the formation of collagen that is the structure of the skin. To balance hormones and enlarge blood vessels around the scalp, increase the stimulation of blood flow on the scalp, resulting in stronger hair roots and scalp.

4. Reduce inflammation, irritationAminta Hair Serum contains vitamin B5, B3 and E extracts that relieve itching, heal wounds, reduce inflammation of the scalp and prevent irritation, moisturize hair, keep hair strong, shiny, protect cells. 

5. Light and comfortable, non-stickyThe basic ingredient of the product is water, which feels light. It's not sticky. The hair can be arranged immediately after use, giving the user a light and comfortable feel around the scalp.

Formula-free : -SLS -Alcohol -Paraben -Perfumes -No oil, no sticky.

1. Use in the area where you want hair to grow up. 

2. By spraying or spraying about 3 cm away from the scalp, spray the serum to wet the scalp. 

3. Use your fingers to gently massage all over the area, leaving it to dry without rinsing.It should 

be used daily. Twice a day morning and evening

It can be used for all genders

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