Benjawattana herbal drink boosts immunity.

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Benjawattana herbal drink The best of immunity!! Help resist COVID-19

Invented according to research from Mahidol University, which discovered that Kaempferia extract can kill 100% of covids, but the extraction Another year of research is required. As the disease spreads all the time Therefore, we need to develop herbal drink recipes containing white galingale. Make a drink in the form of tea Just pour hot water and drink. Easy to drink every day to give us immunity to this covid. ...We will get through this together!

Benjawattana tea, prepared by a herbal expert for more than 40 years, is a tea that contains many herbs. In particular, it helps to increase the immune system of the body. in disease resistance and have other properties Many more healthful

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20.00 กรัม
120.00 บาท

packing size

1 pack contains 10 sachets (2 grams per sachet)


Weight 20 grams (1 sachet can add 3-4 cups of hot water)

Calculated. Only 3 baht per glass. Very worthwhile. No need to risk covids.

For good health... Let us live a sterile life happy with family It's the best thing.

  • thirty root

Reduce blood fat, reduce blood pressure, inhibit diabetes. boost immunity rejuvenation Helps diuretic, expels wind, expels phlegm, helps expel milk

  • under the leaves

Helps nourish the elements in the body, nourish the eyes, treat joint pain, bone pain, reduce inflammation.

  • licorice

Help strengthen the immune system in the body. Helps fight free radicals, expels wind, helps the digestive system work well.

  • Kaempferia

There are important extracts, Pandulatin A and Pinostrobin, that help inhibit the growth of the virus that causes COVID-19. It can reduce the number of infected cells from 100% to 0% and can also inhibit cells in virus production by 100%, increasing energy. Refreshes the body, nourishes the liver, kidneys and brain.

  • lion milk

Helps to cure allergic reactions Used as a tonic, helps to cure fever, cure cough, relieve asthma, helps the digestive system work well.

  • Jiaogulan

Help restore the overall health of the body to be strong, restore memory, sleep well, relieve waist pain, back pain better. lower cholesterol Strengthen the heart, fight cancer

  • Yanang

Contains a lot of antioxidants thereby reducing and slowing down the occurrence of wrinkles and aging It is a herb that helps to lose weight effectively and safely. Helps burn fat and use it for energy. Help treat acid reflux, constipation, stomach pain, diarrhea. Help balance in the body help relieve fatigue exhaustion of the body

  • Toei Hom

help nourish the heart help reduce blood sugar Helps reduce blood pressure, cure colds, relieve thirst, cure heat in 

  • You should not drink tea while taking the medicine.
  • Do not drink tea before bedtime. For those who have trouble sleeping
  • Do not drink tea that has been brewed overnight or has been brewed for several hours.
  • But do not drink tea that is too hot. Because the heat can damage the tissues of the mouth, throat and intestines.
  • It's best to drink tea made with real herbs, without added sugar or flavoring.
  • in Benjawattana tea There are no ingredients of any tea leaves, only medicinal plants. So you don't have to worry about having caffeine. Because it does not affect sleep like other teas. common in the market
  • The tea should not be consumed within three hours before going to bed to prevent urination pain that can interfere with sleep.


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