Aminta brand received the "Outstanding Entrepreneur Certificate" award for the year 2019

2021-10-22 14:13:00

Tuesday, October 8, 2019 at Vayupak Conference Room, 4th floor, Centra Hotel. Government Center and Convention Center, Chaeng Watthana Road, Bangkok, Mr. Anan Suwannarat, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Chairman, Agricultural Research Development Agency Representative of the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives

presided over the opening ceremony "Academic Conference of Academic Year 2019" under the concept of "Beyond Disruptive Technology", a turning point for the future of Thailand with agricultural research organized by the Office of Agricultural Research Development (Public Organization) or ARDA to promote, support and develop research in agriculture. To drive the country's farming into research-based agriculture and innovation to strengthen the Thai agricultural sector.

It is also a forum for exchanging experiences and acknowledging the direction of agricultural research in line with the important role of technology that changes the world in agriculture. including the roles and duties of various departments related to research that has to be adapted to keep up with the new era of management which has various factors and challenges that has increased greatly in the present and in the future

There are also many activities in the event, such as a panel discussion on “Disruptive Technology, Technology to Change the World of Agriculture” by Mrs. Kritsana Sukhumpanich, Ambassador (Agriculture), Office of Foreign Agricultural Advisory. of Washington, D.C., United States of America Ms. Pathumwadee Imthua, Consul (Agriculture) at the Consulate General in Guangzhou, People's Republic of China Ms. Atinan Inthapim, Advisor (Agriculture Department), Office of Foreign Agricultural Advisory to the European Union

There are 35 research papers that have been considered for poster session, divided into 7 clusters, namely rice / Thai herbs, food supplements and spa / oil palm / horticulture, field crops / animals. economy/ management of water and/ food resources to add value and safety

More than 1,200 researchers, academics, students, students and entrepreneurs in the agro-industry sector attended the event.

On this occasion, an award ceremony was held for Outstanding Entrepreneur outstanding scholarship student and awarding the honorary award to the researchers of the ARDA

The brand Aminta received the award "Excellent Entrepreneur Certificate" for the year 2019 in the herbal cosmetics category. from the Agricultural Research Development Agency (Public Organization) - ARDA.

Dr. Suwit Chaikiat, director of the ARDA, said that this event is the implementation of the objectives of the establishment of the OHEC in promoting, supporting and developing agricultural research. as well as develop personnel in agricultural research as well as to arrange for studies, research, development and dissemination of information and information on agriculture.

as well as academic cooperation with educational institutions or other public and private institutions for research production and development and agricultural researchers both domestically and internationally It is also a center for providing information and information on agriculture. and promote academic affairs to disseminate agricultural knowledge in various forms

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