"Aminta" has been selected to participate in the 9th Healthy Vegetable Fair and Beautiful Poultry Fair

2020-12-05 14:52:10

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Strong news!! Aminta Hit brand was invited to appear on Zab Pazas.

Variety show, Channel 3 full of lifestyle Tourism, food and many other interesting businesses.

Suan Palm Farm Nok Poultry contest team, youtuber sisters and all co-organizers would like to thank Zab Pasa Channel 3

who provided support to the public..."The 9th Health Conservation Vegetable Fair and the Beautiful Poultry Fair of Thailand No. 9" that welcomed and looked after in a friendly way. Very impressed..

   Thank you Khun Nan, Phi Kwan, Khun Meow and all the staff of Channel 3



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