Aminta received an award for the best herbal product of the year 2020

2020-11-13 16:46:42

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The brand "Aminta" received the national herbal product award for the year 2020.    at the 17th National Herbal Fair

Ministry of Health Together with more than 130 public and private network partners, organizing the 17th National Herbal Fair, “Thai Massage, Thai Herbs, Creating Happiness for All Ages” to drive Thai wisdom, Thai massage, Thai herbs, build the country's economy, inviting people to taste, shop, use the NEW NORMAL style. In the zone selling health products, health food and health care equipment from more than 500 shops, along with viewing exhibitions / Thai massage services, a comprehensive Thai traditional medical cannabis clinic. Handing out books on herbs, seedlings, and phlox paniculata seeds.

Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health, Dr. Sukhum Kanchanapimai, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Marut Jirasettasiri, Director-General of the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine Opening of the National Herbal Fair and the annual academic conference Thai traditional medicine Folk Medicine and Alternative Medicine 17th edition

This year, the event was held in the form of New Normal, intensive screening measures. and preventing the spread of COVID-19, including wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands and cleaning and disinfecting the area. common touch point which has more than 200,000 people attending the event annually

Mr. Anutin said that this event It is a platform to drive and communicate national policies in Thai traditional medicine. folk medicine alternative medicine and herbs to produce tangible results people know the value take advantage and has research and development build confidence to promote acceptance of herbal products able to compete in both domestic and international markets create value for the country's economy as well as to conserve and promote Thai wisdom.

Thai massage has been declared by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Used to treat and promote health widely. which has brought Thai massage to exhibit and serve the public including organizing a Thai traditional medical cannabis clinic and Thai traditional medicine clinics and integrated medicine to provide a full range of services for free


along with awarding honorary certificates and 4 honorable plaques to the products

  • National Outstanding Herbs (Prime Minister Herbal Awards: PMHA) 2020, 15 prizes
  • National Outstanding Prototype Area, 2020, 14 awards
  • Seniors Club, 4 prizes
  • Outstanding Thai Traditional Medicine Practitioner of the Year 2020, 2 awards

and Aminta brand is one brand that have been selected to be a finalist until "Aminta Skin Perfection Serum" has been selected as

“National Outstanding Herbal Cosmetic Product” Prime Minister Herbal Awards (PMHA) by Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine

The project aims To promote and develop entrepreneurs and herbal products to meet the standard It is recognized nationally and internationally. and develop the Thai herbal industry to have strong potential and is the main cog in driving the herbal industry

for this award There are many brands from all over the country to participate in the contest To find the best of national herbal products With a total of 9 branches to choose from that will have to pass an interview from the committee up to 8 people together.

“Aminta Skin Perfection Serum” is a restorative product. Facial skin care formula with Thai herbs. that has been researched for Thai and Asian skin This is a research project with Chiang Mai University. and the Office of Agricultural Research Development (Public Organization)

The main ingredient is Ratchaphruek flower extract. marigold extract cassia flower extract and with the preparation of 3 types of flower extracts that have the effect of slowing down aging, reducing wrinkles, increasing firmness including a mixture of rice extract Aloe Vera Extract It is also rich in vitamins, which are gentle and skin-friendly. Help tighten the skin. look young Naturally bright white, reduce melasma, freckles, wrinkles to look faded. and take care of the skin with various acne problems skin with harmful substances Long shelf life without parabens Free from all harmful substances

"Aminta Skin Perfection Serum" has been clinically tested. does not cause allergic reactions and not tested on animals This is consistent with the clean beauty trend that has been popular among skin care lovers continuously. Therefore, users can be assured that Aminta products will be safe does not cause irritation Even for sensitive skin

We focus on innovation and technology strategies. Develop herbal products through testing and testing to both local and international standards.

"Aminta Skin Perfection Serum" after its launch The response was better than expected. There are sales that are growing against the trend. It is a product that has customers queuing to buy uninterrupted at the National Herb Fair 2020 because there are many customer reviews. It is a serum that has received a very good response. The results of the changes in the skin are clearly visible. and has a repeat purchase of more than 90%, which is considered to give new, radiant skin like never before for girls who are open-minded to try

by Ann Jittima Manachairak, the brand owner Participated in the PMHA award by herself in a blue woven fabric based on the concept of color in this year's event. at an affordable price for Thai people to have truly beautiful skin first

And Khun Ann has a vision to build their own business. to grow together with sustainable income promotion for Thai farmers including creating jobs, creating jobs, and distributing income to the farmer community raw material producer where everyone is involved in the development of high quality herbal products and is truly recognized at the national level


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