ARDA joins to share experiences in bringing innovations to commercial use.

2020-11-04 13:10:14

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Thursday 25 July 2019 Agricultural Research Development Agency (Public Organization) or OHEC joined the discussion on the topic "Exchanging experiences in applying innovations for commercial use" in the seminar "Using innovations for commercial use through a licensing model"

Organized by the Department of Intellectual Property at Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel to share experiences Bringing innovations from the research results of the ARDA to commercial use by the panelists as follows:

1. Ms. Montira Kaewdee, Senior Analyst, 2 ARDA, an expert in transferring or license research results of ARDDA to interested entrepreneurs.

2. Female veterinarian Mewadee Buabun, Marketing Manager of Bic Chemical Company Limited, an entrepreneur who receives a license for research work from the ARD. More than 10 works under the brand DHAVI

3. Ms. Jittima Manachairak, Chief Executive Officer of Aminta Cosmo Co., Ltd., an entrepreneur who receives a license for research work from the ARD. Cosmetics from 3 types of yellow flower extracts under the brand AMINTA.

4. Mr. Athon Wichitamornlert Owner and Manager of Mahachai Plastics Factory Owner of 4 invention patents

5. Moderator Mr. Chayan Phusantisumpun Commercial scholar with special expertise Department of Intellectual Property

 Including the Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has jointly launched a consulting booth on intellectual property and innovation. by Intellectual Property Analysts, NIDA, together with experts from other institutions. for those interested in the event as well. 

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