Mahidol University research team found that extracts from "Kachai Kao" have anti-Covid-19 effect.

2020-12-28 15:17:18

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Dr. Piyamit Srithara, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University states that the research team is a collaboration of the Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University and the Center of Excellence in Life Sciences. (Public Organization) or TCELS

Found that in Kaempferia, there are 2 substances that are highly effective against Covid-19.

On the side of Dr. Suparerk Bowonpinyo, Lecturer of the Faculty of Science Mahidol University and director of the Center of Excellence for Drug Discovery, said the research team discovered that Contains extracts from Kaempferia that can inhibit the growth of corona virus 2019 or COVID-19 up to 100%

Pandulatin A and Pinostrobin

These two substances in Kaempferia can act can inhibit the growth of the virus that causes COVID-19, both of these passengers can Reduces the number of infected cells from 100% to 0%. It can also inhibit cells from producing viruses by up to 100%.


Does eating white galingale from food and rice help reduce COVID-19?

Dr. Suparerk provides information that at the moment, he thinks that if Kachai Kao extract is used to combat COVID-19 It should still be in the form of an extract first. To control the amount of important substances that will definitely work can control the amount of eating appropriately where we do not have to eat too much

Preparing for a patent Thai research

The discovery of white galingale extract to inhibit the growth of the coronavirus disease 2019, the cause of this covid-19, Dr. Suparerk said, is preparing to patent the patent for the intellectual property of Thai people. And will try to make extracts from Kaempferia that were found to make medicine. various safety tests Both in laboratory animals and humans, it is estimated that it will take approximately 10 months - 1 year for effectiveness. and safety for consumers in the future

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