Aminta booth atmosphere National Herb Fair 2020 Muang Thong Thani

2020-10-09 10:30:10

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National Herb Fair on 2-6 September 2020

In the past, Aminta brand has exhibited a booth. The exhibition zone that has received the national outstanding cosmetics award In this event, Aminta brand products Received overwhelming response from customers, especially the yellow flower serum. which is the highlight of the award work this time

The event is full of products and promotions. Organized hard, full to leave customers in the event as never reduced and distributed in any event. this much before along with Aminta also meet to talk to solve problems for customers with hair problems and face fully

It can be said that the atmosphere in the event Bustling all day and have both old and new customers came to pay close attention In this event, Aminta brand would like to thank all customers who have always supported our herbal brand.

In which today P Aminta and his team have captured the atmosphere. this warm Let's leave it for everyone to see. And next time, Aminta brand will go to the product booth. Ready to bring great promotions to anywhere else? Don't forget to follow me too.

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