Medical professor, Chiang Mai University found extracts of 3 yellow flowers. Contains anti-aging agents Fix wrinkles - wrinkles

2021-04-23 16:12:37

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Thailand has many herbs. overlooked especially flowers which is not the same as in other countries with the extraction of flowers To bring important substances to use in the cosmeceutical industry Earn millions of baht each year. Flower market. Export of our home. They are both sent as potted plants, cut flowers. The domestic market is sold in bundles, counting flowers, or weighing a kilo for sale.

On May 19, 2017, Prof. Dr. Pornngam Dechkriengkraikul

Lecturer at Department of Biochemistry Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai University revealed that

Throughout the past 3 years, research done on herbal products. used in cosmetics in Thailand There are many interesting types of flowers. But there is no clear biological activity reported. but should be as valuable as flowers in foreign countries and throughout the 12 years that have been researching and developing cosmetic products for foreign countries

Found that there should be something that can replace fillers that fill the skin caused by wrinkles. and can be taken back to take care of beauty by yourself at home

therefore came up with the idea of extracting Thai flowers to study commercially useful substances because of world-class brand name cosmetics The flowers are used to extract important substances as a component. In our country we have a wide variety of flowers. Therefore, he asked for a research fund from the Agricultural Research Development Agency (Public Organization) (Public Organization) to do a project to study biological activity.

From collecting flowers of various colors, including red, pink, blue, and yellow for research, it was found that yellow flowers, ratchapruek, cassia and marigold. contains antioxidants Helps inhibit the breakdown of collagen Stimulates the production of human skin cells and inhibit melanin

When dried flowers with 95% moisture content from the GAP planting were extracted from 1 kg of yellow flower extract, extraction time was 168 hours, 100 g of bioflavonoids, polyphenols and phenolic substances were obtained.

be made into a dry powder Store at room temperature for 1-3 and 6 months. It appears that the biological activity of antioxidants. Inhibit the breakdown of collagen enzymes on the skin. Including stimulating the creation of HA remains the same.

As for the efficacy test of the extracts obtained with tissue obtained from the second child's caesarean section, the results showed that the extracts from the 3 types of yellow flowers had antioxidant activity. inhibits the breakdown of collagen skin enzymes Including stimulating the creation of HA to really help reduce the dullness of the skin.

The skin was then tested for allergic reactions by patch testing method. The patches were placed on the skin of the forearms of 30 volunteers for a period of 48 hours. There was no allergic reaction or irritation.

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