Depends on each person. Most of the time, hair loss is reduced after 1-2 weeks of use.

Because Aminta shampoo Free from all harmful chemicals It is gentle, safe and effective if you switch back to using shampoos that contain chemicals. hurt the scalp Hair follicles may be clogged with silicone, weak hair roots, new hair loss. and chemicals to block the growth of hair as well continuous use is recommended for best performance

Each drop of Aminta shampoo from all extracts Different from the shampoo in the market that the leaves of the plant are dried and pounded into the bottle. Researchers found that if dried, put in a bottle, do not have any active drugs, Aminta shampoo is caused by the use of organic medicinal plants in the community. extracted in the lab The researchers extracted the substance. which each plant using different extraction methods Use different extracts Therefore, it must be extracted up to 6 cycles before it can be used to prepare the formula to get a shampoo that effectively solves hair loss. Unlike every bottle that has been 100%

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