Aminta Skin Perfection Serum is a product that produces developed a patented formula Especially to treat the problem of dullness, dark spots, wrinkles of age.

Aminta Skin Perfection Serum contains active ingredients to inhibit melanin production. within the skin cells, especially One of these ingredients reduces the activity of the enzyme Tyrosinase, thereby reducing the production of melanin pigment in the skin cells.

Aminta Skin Perfection Serum also contains Natural substances with antioxidant activity such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, B5, Vitamin E and Marigold Extract.

Helps reduce dark spots on the face and inhibit the formation of new melanin

Aminta Skin Perfection Serum has special features that are

  • Block 

Ratchaphruek flowers (or flowers) contain Bioflavonoids and Fistulin and Triterpenes that have anti-oxidant properties. (Antioxidant) helps to inhibit or slow down the destruction of the skin by UV light and protect the skin by stimulating the production of fibers. Collagen to replace the skin damaged by sunlight. The skin is tightened and firm (not sagging as before). Cassia fistula offers potent antioxidant power and collagen production for smoother and firmer Skin.

  • Boost  

Cassia flowers contain phenolic substances that help stimulate. The creation of hyaluronic proteins that help hold water to plump the skin. full of water all the time

The skin is plump, plump, revitalized, and glows from within. (not dry, dehydrated No wrinkles like before) Cassia siamea boosts the production of hyaluronic acid for moisturized and supple skin.

  • Bright    

Marigold flowers contain lutein. Help brighten the skin. Reduce freckles and dark spots by inhibiting the enzyme that produces melanin. black dot cause The skin is naturally whiter and healthier. Cslendnlar Reduces Melanin Production, Enhancing Skin Radiance and Bright Complexion

       The dark spot lightening cream available in the market today consists of a single ingredient that is used to reduce the problem of pigmentation. which didn't help the results as they should. The latest research found that Aminta Skin perfection Serum contains 20 ingredients that can penetrate deeply into the skin. Provides excellent maintenance and It also inhibits the enzyme that produces melanin that causes dark spots and has antioxidants to slow down the damage caused by ultraviolet rays.

Absolutely not. In Aminta Skin Perfection Serum, there is no hydroquinone. No steroids and no Retin-A.

This makes Aminta Skin Serum an important difference than other products. Therefore, it is a very safe topical cream.

Can reduce dark spots of the skin. Can reduce both dark brown and red brown marks.

A clinical trial of Aminta Skin perfection serum in Thailand was conducted in 2018. The trial involved 30 volunteers who were treated. Experimental results with volunteers using Aminta Skin perfection serum.

Melasma was improved by 25% after just 56 days of use, and after day 84, dark spots had improved and faded. Of the total number of patients enrolled in clinical trials, results of Aminta Skin perfection Serum have been published. in the Journal of Pigmentary Disorders.

Should be applied regularly because time will destroy the skin. As we get older every day never stop working But if you want to rest your face during the holidays, you can stop applying it without causing any side effects.

Skin is a living organ. Problems with stress hormones, pollution, medications, etc. are among the factors. and the culprit that stimulates the production of too much melanin

This leads to the problem of dull skin tone. When you stop using Aminta Skin Perfection Serum, your skin is at risk of continued aggression without the benefits and protection of Aminta Skin Perfection serum.

Absolutely not. Aminta Skin Perfection Serum has a main ingredient. from natural flowers which the research results confirmed that Contains anti-inflammatory antioxidants

And it also helps filter and protect sunlight.

It is still necessary to use sunscreen, although Aminta Skin Perfection Serum already has a sun filter.

Because using Sunblock is the last step in your skin care routine. Try to avoid massaging or rubbing the Sunblock, as the main function of a sunscreen is to act as a shield against the sun's rays. Sunblocks should not be absorbed by the skin.

does not cause skin peeling because the ingredients are quite gentle More fake skin care

AMINTA SKIN PERFECTION SERUM contains substances that make the skin youthful. May cause skin peeling in some people (but not often)

  • Helps reduce dark spots and dull skin, making the face look whiter and more radiant.
  • Helps skin look smoother tighten pores Make pores look smaller, make makeup more smooth.
  • Helps inhibit the formation of new pigments
  • Contains natural collagen to make your skin look younger. Face looks younger than ever
  • Contains natural extracts that have anti-oxidant effects. help filter sunlight
  • Contains anti-inflammatory and moisturizing agents to protect Does not make my skin dry and irritated.
  • Convenient, safe and gentle for everyday use

Anyone who wants clear and smooth skin More can use AMINTA SKIN PERFECTION SERUM

Although it has been proven that Very effective for dull skin problems. But it is safe to use for beauty to look more radiant.

It is useful for people with acne problems because AMINTA SKIN PERFECTION SERUM helps reduce scars caused by acne. and helps people with acne problems maintain uneven skin texture.

After laser treatment, you should rest your face, inject only mineral water spray for at least 48 hours, wait for the face to balance again, which takes 2 days.

Therefore, applying sunscreen Immediately after the laser, you really have to rest, not in the public place. Only open an umbrella. After 48 hours, apply serum and apply sunscreen over it.

But still have to avoid the sun for at least 1 week on uneven skin tone. not smooth From research, Aminta serum can help. but if scorched from the mistake of doing IPL

It may take a little longer Can't help with scars Or cells are destroyed until 100% dead, then conclude that you have to apply early that there are problems.

AMINTA SKIN PERFECTION SERUM is manufactured in Thailand with GMP and ISO certified.

because it contains ingredients from The natural extracts in the flowers are the main ones in the formula. But the color of the cream does not affect. Product performance

It is normal that there may be a slight color difference in the production of each lot. Due to the growing season of flowers, different colors may vary.

It is common for the inclusion of natural extracts in the product. It may turn darker. over time Although the color will change, but will not affect the effectiveness of maintenance for sure.

Correct use should be carried out as follows:

  1. Because Aminta Skin Perfection Serum is a nourishing serum. Therefore, it should be used as the first product on clean skin. for best absorption
  2. If you need a moisturizer for dry and very dry skin, add a moisturizer after applying Aminta Skin Perfection Serum.
  3. By allowing the Aminta Skin Perfection Serum to be absorbed into the skin first. So gradually apply other creams accordingly.
  4. For those who want to lift and tighten the skin It is recommended to apply the serum by rubbing from the tip of the chin. stroking up on both cheeks
  5. For wrinkled areas, Aminta Skin Perfection Serum can be applied to alleviate wrinkles, especially around the neck.

Aminta Skin Perfection Serum can be combined with other skin care products. However, be careful. To avoid mixing with other bleaching products. containing acidic substances or bleach

Aminta Skin Perfection Serum is gentle and safe. and is not harsh on the skin Usually it should be used twice a day, in the morning and before bedtime. after cleaning the face

Can be applied all year round

Any cosmetic product should not be used immediately after laser treatment. and especially if it is a treatment with exfoliating methods Because the area is especially sensitive from laser , exfoliation

It is recommended to wash your face with Aminta foam to gently cleanse your face in the morning.

Aminta Skin Perfection Serum is not a makeup product or a sunscreen. So there is no need to remove any stains before washing your face. Unless you're wearing a face cream or applying sunscreen over the Aminta Skin Perfection Serum.

from clinical trial evidence (mentioned above) with Asian women found Up to 25% improvement was recorded after 56 days and up to 50% after 84 days.

Based on clinical trial results, measured using Visia Skin Analysis by dermatologist researchers.

Patients with sensitive skin A slight itching or burning sensation may be felt. when using the product for the first time These symptoms are temporary. But if these symptoms persist or if you develop an allergic reaction stop using the product

very good to use For dry and very dry skin Skin cream should be applied after Aminta Skin Perfection Serum to prevent the effects of extremely dry weather.

Store at room temperature 18-23 degrees, away from heat and moisture. Store away from direct sunlight.

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