Not bitter, do not need to soak tea bags in the glass for a long time Just place the tea bag in a large glass of water. Pour half a glass of hot water. Mix in half a glass of normal water. Then drink immediately. Tea 1 sachet can add drinking water. The next glass can be 3-4 glasses until the taste of the tea is gone.

Drink as often as you want Notice that drinking how do we feel Some people who have problems sleeping is not enough. Drinking during the day may make you sleepy. because the tea balances the body to rest Compensation for not enough mattress If you feel sleepy during the day Should switch to drinking in the evening 4-5 o'clock in the evening to sleep soundly.

according to the principle of the element Should drink in the late afternoon to evening. Consistently drinking all day

Results may vary from person to person. Some of you sleep more deeply. Some people have less snot. Some of you are not tired Not as sleepy during the day as before Some people do not have a sore throat easily. Some people stop taking allergy medications that they've taken all their lives, for example.

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