The Aminta brand was born in 2017 with a vision to bring the beauty of natural plants to benefit the body. and everyone's mind Help make life more balanced and healthy. Our products are not only taking care of the face or hair. but also take care of your body, mind and emotions.

W H O  W E   A R E

Aminta  comes from the Latin AMYNTA, meaning

"Protector" which is consistent with the brand's intent is to be

"Protector of beauty and holistic health leading to a happy life"

We believe that the key to healthy, youthful and radiant skin is the power of self-care. and the power of nature

Aminta is determined to select only the good things for our lives. We seek inspiration from nature. including the world and communities to the concept of business operations that are sustainable for the public and the environment This will be a virtue in our business operations. and this belief affects every The decision to create our products

Our commitment is to be committed to research and development. Find the best elements to "Building a brand through innovation" led by modern science and technology. To deliver high quality products that come from nature. and friendly to the world which is good for all of us As well as being good for the environment, the Aminta brand is more than just using natural ingredients.

O U R  G O A L

Our goal   is to ensure that our products have a positive impact on users. In terms of excellent performance, safety, and always remain environmentally and socially responsible.

Aminta products Free from harmful ingredients All kinds of prohibited substances such as parabens, phthalates, mercury, hydroquinone, steroids and surfactants.

AMINTA's flower extracts use environmentally friendly cultivation methods. No chemicals and pesticides are used in cultivation. The raw materials do not have toxic residues. which results in a highly effective extraction of ingredients

You can be assured of safety in every step of production.

O U R  P H I L O S O P H Y

      Philosophy    is the most important 

The founder of the brand believes that "true beauty in good physical and mental health so each day Let us all live happily in the present, practice positive thinking and be thankful for things and the people around us. Choose to do things that create value for people, such as making conscious decisions about things. In everyday life, how to say it and how to express it How to take care of your body What products will you choose to use on your body? Everything affects our lives. because every minute that passes It cannot be restored again.”


The wait is over… 

The Skincare product of the year with the natural extract formulation that won one of the most coveted prize. We proudly present Aminta Perfection Serum. 

We believe in both the power of nature and scientific research to discover a skincare product containing concentrated and powerful natural extract ingredients that will offer a potent renewal power to your skin.

It is a formulation that went through rigorous laboratories test and trials to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the products under the supervision of one of the highly valued member of professors at Chiangmai University, Thailand.

Our pride comes from being able to restore the youthfulness and strength to offer a perfect skin as a gift to every woman around the world.

Skin problems

Sagging and wrinkles as a result of skin losing elasticity due to depleted collagen level

Skin Fix: Aminta BLOCK

Cassia Fistula with its rich content of Bioflavonoids and Fistulin displays a powerful antioxidant/radical scavenging activity to reduce signs of aging and limit skin damages caused by UV ray. It is able to significantly decrease the tyrosine activity, leaving the skin brighter, smoother and felt more lifted. The extract boosted with collagen synthesis to promote a glowing, vibrant and firmer skin.

Skin problems

Hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and dark spots caused by UV damages and oxidative stress resulting in dull and uneven complexion

Skin Fix: Aminta BRIGHTEN

Lutein found in Tagetes Erecta or Calendula extract is known for its natural UV-filter providing the skin with brightening power and natural glow. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help reducing skin blemishes and acne outbreak while enhancing natural skin-regenerative properties to restore a youthful looking skin once again.

Skin problems

Skin Dehydration: A major cause of premature aging and skin sensitivity resulting in pronounced lines, wrinkles and skin irritation

Skin Fix: Aminta BOOST

The power of natural hyaluronic acid derived from Senna Siamea blesses skin with hydration to improve the appearance of smooth and flawless skin. It also helps in preventing loss of moisture, thus, greatly reduce signs of problems caused by dehydration such as dehydrated lines, skin irritation and redness restoring a moisturized, radiant and vitalized skin.v


P E R F E C T I O N   S E R U M

The heart is...

"Aminta's patented extract" will help the process of natural skin rejuvenation effectively. Makes the skin look healthy, bright, radiant.

 look young from the inside Reduce wrinkles of age Helps protect the skin from the damaging effects of the skin.

  • Proven to give effective results on Asian women's skin.
  • from clinical testing in 30 female volunteers

Size 30 ml.

Price 1450 baht

I N T E R N A T I O N A L  A W A R D

All our products Produced under international standards accepted worldwide

O U R  P A R T N E R

Yellow flowers and herbs that we use as raw materials All come from a group of local herb farmers.

which was caused by the gathering of villagers in the community together to cultivate plants in a natural way Free from harmful pesticides

It grows in the sun, wind and pure rain. therefore ensuring safety

Aminta would like to be a part of supporting Thai farmers. to have a sustainable income

M A N U F A C T U R E R 

Aminta selects manufacturers that meet international standards to control the production of products to an excellent level. and is accepted by customers Both Thais and foreigners, therefore, can be confident that products produced under the Aminta brand There is a standardized quality control system. All certified

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Aminta  comes from the Latin amynta, meaning The   "Protector"   Aminta brand was born with the intention.

who want to be "protectors of beauty for people" by bringing natural methods combined with powerful modern innovations

Aminta was born.

With the inspiration to create skin care products from pure natural ingredients. To care and nourish the skin in the safest way for women around the world.

Aminta  is a leader in beauty aesthetics from valuable natural extracts. We intend to create skin care products that are full of rejuvenating properties. To deliver youthful and healthy skin to return again.

Aminta  is the first and only discoverer of the miracle of yellow Thai flowers in the world. Scientifically proven and certified to advanced safety and efficiency



Golden Shower Tree

stimulate collagen production Restore healthy skin increase flexibility Make the skin feel smooth, firm, look firm, not sagging. and inhibit the activity of collagenase and MM2 enzymes, which are the main causes of collagen in the skin being destroyed

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Cassia flower

It has a powerful hyaluronic acid (HA) stimulating effect that has never been found in any plant before. The key to effectively retaining moisture in the skin. Helps maintain skin elasticity by helping collagen And elastin can be firmly attached to the skin effectively.

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It has the effect of inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase and inhibiting the synthesis of melanin (skin pigment), the main cause of dark circles and dark spots on the face. to restore clarity Let your skin shine again.

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[M i r a c l e   Y e l l o w   F l o w e r]3

3 value of the magic of yellow flowers 

miracle of discovery The latest innovation of the combination of valuable extracts from 3 types of yellow flowers, exclusive to [Miracle Yellow Flower]3 that has won an award. Extracts for skin rejuvenation in Korea in 2017

Research results of national skin experts developed in collaboration with leading universities. and government agencies Along with the production process that is standardized by factories that have passed international standards, they create facial skin care products that answer all skin problems effectively.

Research results of national skin experts developed in collaboration with leading universities. and government agencies Along with the production process that is standardized by factories that have passed international standards, they create facial skin care products that answer all skin problems effectively.

Skin Perfection Serum 30 ml.

Price 1,450.00 baht

Find out more about the product here.

One of the leaders in skin beauty science and skin care products.

Discovery of natural extracts from 3 types of yellow flowers under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Pornngam Dechkriengkraikul with medical team and researchers, experts in biochemistry and high-end cosmetics in Thailand has devoted more than 4 years to experimenting and researching the extracts of colorful flowers in Thailand to select the best of flowers with extracts that are valuable for the skin until found that there are only 3 types of yellow flowers that combine all the properties in Effective skin care and answers to skin problems safely with real results.

From the research, dedicated to researching valuable extracts from Thai yellow flowers by a team of national skin experts. Entered the contest to win a gold medal World Invention 2017 in Korea is the pride of the work that has been recognized and praised until it has been able to win an international award.

Skin Perfection Serum 30ml

Price 1,450.00 baht

Find out more about the product here.

W E    B E L I E V E    I N    G I V I N G    B A C K

Aminta, we are committed to giving good things back to society because we believe that Earning the Trust of Customers and acknowledging the happiness that comes from having good skin is a precious gift that everyone gives to us

So we are committed to delivering the best. To give back to society, in every Aminta product that is trusted by customers, 1% of the proceeds go back to society in the form of donations. Activities to improve the lives, health and education of youth and communities To continue to create a society full of sustainable quality for a bright future. the beauty of our children in the future

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